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Hi, my name’s Nicholas Stone, and I am the designer of the Lords and Knights spreadsheet.

I live in Asia (but I’m not telling you where exactly in case you play Lords and Knights on my server and try to attack me when I’m sleeping!)

I have a wife and a baby boy, who is the light of my life. He’s just started speaking. Last week he used his first simile: “Daddy’s sleeping like a pig!” Ahhh… that’s my lad.

When I’m not playing Lords and Knights or tickling/kissing the baby, I like reading the news, watching films, and practising my chocolate-eating skills. I also enjoy talking about the soul and the meaning of life – I am a Baha’i.

History of the spreadsheet

I don’t have any formal background in computing; my first computer was the Amiga 500, way back in the early 1990s! I’m an English teacher by profession but I got into creating Excel spreadsheets when I decided to make an automated report generator for my school.

I started playing Lords & Knights in December 2011 and quickly became addicted. Once I had acquired about 10 castles, I set about creating a fairly simple Excel spreadsheet which would help me predict the results of battles before I fought them. This initially took the shape of a basic enter-attacking-and-defending-troops tool, such as the online Battle Calculator. However, I wanted mine to be better. Much, much better.

The first incarnation quickly morphed into something altogether far more complex (and time-consuming!) as other features quickly followed. The current version today, with its comprehensive set of automatic troop selectors, time-limiting parameters and scope for managing 100 castles, has taken me over 8 months and countless hundred hours of my spare time. I hope, if you buy a copy, you find it useful. I know I do. And let me know what you think - I love feedback!

Nicholas Stone, September 2012.


Lords & Knights Spreadsheet

by Nicholas Stone

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